Garage Floors: Boring to Fabulous

There are various types of garage floor surfaces to choose from and most are available in a range of color options. What do you want to achieve with your new garage floor covering? Are you thinking about safety? Free flow floor tiles offer a stylish look with the added benefit of draining away melting snow or other liquids that may find their way to your floor. These slippery substances simply slide right through the flooring to your drain or out the front of your garage! Choose from a variety of colors ranging from graphite to royal purple or mix it up to create your own unique design.

Other flooring styles include but are not limited to:

Harley Davidson- available in signature orange and black with an embossed Harley symbol

Race Deck- beautiful high gloss aluminum diamond design

Fast Deck- do you need to take your flooring on the road? Fast decks are portable, slip resistant and gorgeous.

Snap Carpet- perhaps you want a wall to wall carpeting in your garage? These interlocking carpet tiles are the perfect solution.


Right about now, you are probably figuring up the cost and frustration of installing your garage floor covering. Are you imagining specialty tools and toxic fumes? You will be happy to know that some DIY flooring for the garage requires none of the above. These handy tiles snap together, simply with a patented step and lock design, which means you, will spend more time admiring the floor than working on it!

Garage Flooring Options

In addition to different color options, you will also find many DIY flooring for garage tiles come in differing sizes. Here are a few examples:

RaceDeck XLF- 18″x 18″ x.5″

Harley Davidson- 12″ x 12″ x.5″

Snap Carpet- 12″ x 12″ x.5″

Pros and Cons

There are several ways you can finish your garage floor, from simple paints or stains to high-end ceramic tile and several garage flooring options in between. The question is which one is right for you? The answer to this question depends quite a bit on you, personal taste, finances and usage of the are key as well.

Paints and stains are probably the cheapest DIY flooring alternative. Garage floor paint is ready to use right out of the can and goes on fairly easily with a roller or paintbrush. When you are finished, you have a nice looking garage floor that is easier to sweep and mop. On the downside, paint and sealants tend to wear off over time and hot tires can do quite a number on the finish. The cement slap in your garage may also develop cracks and it will be extremely difficult to seal and cover these. So, while this may be the cheaper initial option you should expect to reapply stains, sealers or paint periodically.

A mid line between paint and more expensive tiles is epoxy. This is a substance that you “paint” onto the floor but which bonds like a weld and resists most common garage chemical spills. These finishes are still cheaper than tiles but traditionally more difficult to work with. In fact, most people would skip the hassle altogether and hire a professional. You may still have issues with cracks developing even though epoxy is a much more durable floor covering.

Tiles and kits are the most expensive option, however they are also more resilient and user friendly. Some tile floors also require grout, epoxy and sealant but snap together garage flooring options require no specialty tools, epoxy or glues and can withstand weights of up to 50,000 pounds rolling!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want to achieve and how much money you want to spend. You can expect to fork out several thousand dollars for a tiled garage floor, but remember this is a one-time investment and it could improve the overall value of your home!


Are you a car enthusiast whose ideal weekend is spent in the garage with your toys? Why not create a garage that compliments your vehicles while adding style and safety? Whether you want a classic checkered flag design or something more eye catching such as royal blues or purples, there is a quick snap DIY flooring option out there for you.