Room Divider Screens – Creative Ways To Decorate A Simple Room Divider

If you are in the market for a room divider screen, you would have noticed that the beautiful, decorative room divider screens are slightly expensive and could cost a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, what do you do, if you would like to decorate your room with a room divider screen but your budget is very limited? Well, you could go for the not so expensive models which will cost less than $100 and are mostly functional in value, in the sense that they are mainly used to divide a room into smaller portions or are used for privacy purposes. With a few additions and touch up, you could make the simple room divider to become a decorative piece, exhibiting your taste and flair for fashion.

Converting a plain room divider into a more decorative piece needs only your imagination and a few art supplies available in any art and crafts store. Depending on where the room divider is going to be used, their decoration will also differ.

Living/Dining room – If the room divider is to be used in the living room to divide a large room into smaller portions or to divide a living/dining combo, you could make it personal by gluing family portraits, photos of your kids, pets etc. The room divider can also be decorated with a colorful throw just like the ones we use on couches. Some people even decorate the divider screen with sheer silk curtain materials draped on it to look like a window. Small mirrors with colorful borders could be glued on the screen in patterns or a large decorative mirror could also be hung. Long strands of colorful beads could be used just like curtains. You could even hang colorful artwork or natural sceneries.
Bedroom – If the room divider in a bedroom is to be decorated, paste romantic photos of the couple or even blow up of natural sceneries which would lighten your mood and make you relax. If decorating with posters, make sure they are blue or green in color, as these colors will relax you.
Wherever the room divider is to be used, you could additionally create colorful borders, using shiny/glossy paper or fabric, lace etc. These are only a few suggestions to decorate your room divider. Let your imagination and creativity take over to create a masterpiece.